Are you delivering the seamless web and mobile travel experience tourists expect?

Intelligent Personalized Multi-Point Trip Planning and Itinerary-Building Technology for the Tourism Industry

  • Advanced technology to help the tourism ecosystem players easily add a personalized planning and itinerary solution across their web + mobile platforms.
  • Technology that works for your tourists in ALL real-life situations.
  • Helps your tourists through pre-trip, in-trip and post-trip phases.

So Many Destinations. So Little Time.

Help your visitors make the most of their trip to your destination.

  • Add personalized itinerary building capabilities to your websites and mobile apps to deepen and extend engagement with your tourists.
  • Upgrade your guest experience with personalized destination discovery and instant trip itineraries on your guest’s mobile phones.
Attractions/ Activities
  • Become discoverable to visitors while they are nearby. Promote your events & specials.
Tour Operators
  • Easily build custom trip itineraries based on your customer preferences. Automate customer communication and scale your business.

Not All Itinerary Builders are Created Equal

Complete custom multiple point itineraries – planning + scheduling + routing – in seconds that work for real-life

Personalized Attractions and Points-of-Interest Discovery

Comprehensive recommendations based on the visitor's personal tastes and preferences.

Optimized Itinerary & Routing

No searches, no maps, no calendars. TerraDash automates scheduling the itinerary and routing the trip across all the visits points at a destination to maximize precious trip time.

Change-Ready for Real-Life Travel

Change is inevitable in travel and a reliable itinerary must support user changes at any time, even in real-time.

Mobile Trip Guide & Experience Logbook

End-to-end navigation with one tap – hands-free & hassle-free. Onsite experience capture for visitors to record their experience, make memories and share.


Web + Mobile itineraries providing the custom personalization and the reliable, change-ready itineraries visitors are demanding.


Use visitor experience analytics to gain insights to continuously upgrade service levels.


Extend automated trip planning services customized for each of your region's events.

Easily Add TerraDash to Your Digital Platforms and Integrate Across Your Tourism Ecosystem

TerraDash works in-sync and in real-time across all digital platforms providing a seamless experience for your tourists and enabling you to extend your engagement with your tourists.

  • Reliable valuable utility for your visitors
  • Increased trackable performance for your members and partners
  • Increased value of your organizations and brand